How To Get Rid of Your Work Day Pains

May 26, 2017


Happy Friday #fitfam! 

Recently many of our followers have been telling us at NxtLvlPT what a "pain-in-the-neck" their work day is… Literally! Leaving them with several questions on what our trainers can do to help prevent and treat these terrible work-day pains.


So we chose to dedicate this Friday Fit-Day Blog to sharing with our followers a little bit about Posture! The #1 culprit and reason that we often suffer from increased back pain during the work day. 


Putting into practice proper posture at work is essential in helping to prevent and eliminate most of our chronic neck and back pain we develop during the day. But most of us are unsure exactly what “proper posture” means. We are here to explain! 


First things first…. Lets break down the "proper posture" of sitting in a chair at a desk. 

  1. Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees and hips bent at a 90-degree angle. You may need to adjust your chair height if you’ve been swinging those feet under your desk at work! 

  2. Your lower back should be kept pressed against the back of chair. This provides support to your natural inward curve (also called lordosis) PLUS the constant feel of that chair against your back serves as a great tool to keep that perfect posture a main focus during your busy work day! 

  3. Do you spend your day staring at a computer screen? The top one-third of that screen and/or computer should be placed above eye level. Your neck will thank you! This prevents you from developing a forward head posture and increasing stress on your shoulders and back muscles. 

Now, I am sure you are all asking yourselves… “What is a Forward Head Posture?!” 


Most of us don’t even realize we do this because we are so focused with our work! Forward Head Posture is where your head moves forward causing a shift in the center of your gravity. 

This ultimately produces your upper body to move backwards to compensate for the change 

AND further causing your hips to tilt forward. It's hard to believe that just a small shift of your head can be the cause of so many changes! 


Lets give you an easier way to think about it… Every inch the head moves forward from the shoulders magnifies the weight of your head by 10 pounds. 


This extra weight then puts increased strain on your pectoralis muscles, trapezius muscles, and scapula muscles. Causing those muscle groups to constantly be contracted leaving you with that terrible muscle tightness and neck/back pain. In addition, this weight shift also inhibits the use of the neck flexors, rhomboid and serrates anterior muscle groups (areas of the upper/mid back) causing muscle atrophy and weakness. 


So where does that leave us? 

In recap: A small change in your posture, an inch of the head forward, produces extra weight on the body leaving you with tight/painful muscles in some areas and weak/atrophied muscles of the upper and lower back.

Implementing a daily routine of remembering to focus on your posture can significantly help prevent and possibly even eliminate many of those terrible “work-day” pains we all suffer from every day.


I hope you all enjoyed today's blog! You can find even more information about strengthening exercises and stretching on the rest of our website. We have trainers available to help you with any pains you have whenever is convenient for you. Nxt Lvl PT is here to help you! 


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