Using Exercise to Help Prevent and Treat Low Back Pain

June 18, 2017


Happy Fathers Day to our #fitfam followers! 


Today our post focuses on PREVENTION and TREATMENT of low back pain through EXERCISE.


Lower back pain continues to be one of the top MAJOR complaints for many of our clients and followers. 

The BIG question.... .Why are lower back stabilization exercises such an important and VITAL part of our daily training program and overall fitness goal success? 


We commonly notice that many of the training programs out there today do NOT emphasize (or even include) exercises targeted at conditioning a major stabilizing muscle group…..                    

the deep muscles of the lumbar spine!

FIRST let's answer WHY it’s important to STRENGTHEN these essential stabilizing muscle groups.


De-emphasizing/Not including targeted exercises into our training program allows us to become vulnerable to INJURY... during our training OR our normal day-to-day activities. When we don't commit ourselves to daily exercises our bodies naturally begin to de-condition.


An important function of the deep back muscles is being able to activate PRIOR to any movement. When activated these muscles help stabilize the spine. 

De-conditioning leads to delayed onset of the muscle activation and ultimately to the development of PAIN.


Long-term changes of these muscles includes atrophy, fatty infiltration, and eventually weakness. 


What exercises will help PREVENT and TREAT our low back pain? 

Here are a few simple and easy exercises you can include into your daily activities at work or at home. All you need is a Swiss or exercise ball. 


**These exercises are designed for ENDURANCE and MOTOR CONTROL** 


Low Back Stabilization Exercises 


Swiss Ball Hip Thrust 


1. Position the ball under your head/neck with your hips and feet on the ground. Feet are shoulder-width apart. Hands on your hips.


2. Keep your eyes looking up to the ceiling 


3. Lift hips off the floor keeping your feet flat on the ground. 


4. Squeeze your glutes and hold for 3-5 sec. 


5. Hips should stay in line with your knees and shoulders. 


6. Lower your hips slowly back to the ground. 

7. Rest for 1-2 sec. 


8. Three sets of 12-15 reps. 


















Cobra w/Swiss Ball 


1. Position ball under your hips with legs out straight behind you and feet touching the ground. 


2. Raise arms straight out in front of you with palms facing the ground. Keep your head up and eyes looking straight ahead. 


3. Raise your chest up and move your arms out and back behind you. 


4. Continue to keep your head up and eyes looking straight ahead. 


5. Hold for 3-5 sec.


6. Slowly lower your chest back down to your starting position. 


7. Rest for 1-2 sec. 


8. Three sets of 12-15 reps. 





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