The Best Exercises to Reach your Booty Goals

July 23, 2017

“What are the Best Glute Exercises to Reach my Booty Goals?” 

For many of our #fit-fam followers this is a common question often repeatedly asked when discussing the plan to achieving their fitness goals. 


To answer this question we should first understand the Anatomy and Function.


What are the Gluteus Muscles?

- A group of THREE muscles that collectively form "the buttocks” 

- Primary functions includes leg extension/abduction at the hip joint and hip rotation and stabilization. 

  • Gluteus Maximus: (aka “the powerhouse”) 

    • Largest muscle of the body

    • Primary Action: Hip Extension (pushing leg backwards)

  • Gluteus Medius

    • Located underneath the glute max.

    • Second largest muscle of the body 

    • Primary Action: Hip Stabilization.  

      • Stabilizes through preventing the opposite hip from dropping or the knees from collapsing inward. 

      • A smaller group of muscles underneath the glute med. also assist in hip stabilization 

  • Gluteus Minimus 

    • Primary Action: works with the glute med. to help provide three main functions. 

      • Hip Stabilization 

      • Leg Abduction (moving leg away from the body) 

      • Internal/External Rotation of the Hip


We are not the only ones looking for answers to our Booty Work-Outs…..


A 2013 study published in the National Academy of Sports Medicine asked the question:

           “Which Exercises Target the Gluteal Muscles

                                    While Minimizing the Activation of the Tensor Fascia Lata”

- Goal: to identify the best exercises that target the gluteal muscles 


- How: observing muscle activity through EMG (electromyography) signals from the gluteus medius, superior gluteus maximus, and TFL muscles during different exercises. 


- Findings: revealed hip extension exercises among the top 4 exercises that targeted the gluteal muscles while minimizing TFL activation.  

            - Top exercises also include: The Clam, Side-Stepping, Unilateral Bridge, and Squatting


- Conclusion: hip extension exercises (and those listed above) are one of the

           best corrective exercises to utilize for activating and strengthening the gluteal muscles.  

- Making them KEY in correcting a major lumbo-pelvic-hip muscle imbalance. 



But its not just about going through the motions....  We have to CASH-IN on those exercises and OPTIMIZE the BENEFITS of your Booty Work-Out! 


The #1 Rule to Reach your Booty Goals  -------------> 

The Mind-Booty Connection

A connection established by keeping your glute muscles activated before and during exercises 


Why is this Essential? 

A conscious awareness of contracting your glute muscles before and during each exercise increases neuro-muscular connections. 


The more connected your nervous system is to your muscles the better ability it has of producing muscular contraction.  


         Heightened Mind-Booty Connection = Better Glute Contractions =

                                                                                                     Toned Glutes & A Beach-Ready Booty



Try these exercises to TONE and STRENGTHEN your Gluteus Muscles: 


Straight Leg Donkey Kick 




1. Get down on all fours with knees straight below your hips 


2. Lift your leg straight up behind you. The goal is as high as you can go w/out bending the knee or rotating the hips 


3.  Bring your leg back down 


4. Repeat 15-20 times each leg 




Glute Swing




1. Place hands on ground shoulder-width apart, arms straight w/ legs straight out behind you


2. Extend one leg behind you as high as you can go w/out bending the knee or rotating the hips 


3. Bring the knee into the chest aiming towards opposite shoulder 


4. Extend the leg back out following the same path


5. Repeat 15-20 times each leg 



















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